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SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a powerful tool for better positioning your website on Google search results and other search engines.

SEO (Optimizacija za tražilice) je “umjetnost” organskog povećanja online prometa, dovođenja posjetitelja na vašu web stranicu bez ulaganja novca u oglase. Dobar SEO u osnovi govori Googleu o čemu se radi na svakoj od vaših stranica, olakšavajući tražilicama da bolje rangiraju vašu web stranicu u rezultatima pretraživanja kako bi ih ljudi koji će najvjerojatnije biti zainteresirani za njih zapravo mogli pronaći.

Cilj optimizacije je poboljšanje prometa koji dolazi na vašu web stranicu. 

It is carried out in two forms:

  • On page optimization - Optimization on the website
  • Off page optimization – Optimization outside the internet site..

On page optimization - Optimization on the internet page

To position ourselves better on the Internet, we must first analyze the keywords searched by your potential clients. We use your information about what is most important to your keywords, and then we expand that list by checking that list against actual keyword search databases. This research allows us to target the right keywords that will drive users to your website.

With the keywords selected for your website, we will modify the content to include important keywords in important places (such as Meta tags, titles, URL links, Alt text). This makes it possible for search engines to find your site for your chosen keywords. We will also monitor keyword searches and recommend additional topics on your website to increase traffic.

Off page optimization – Optimization outside the internet site

Off-site optimization refers to building links with related websites. Traffic to your website from other websites is vital for high search engine rankings. We collect links to your website from various sources and - from press releases, blogs, articles and other sources.

Link building is the most complex and time-consuming optimization process, but it must be done continuously to stay ahead of the competition.


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